Check out this walk through video for how to confirm Proposal in Orders and Create Auto Schedule

  • The Order will create automatically for the Proposal that has been confirmed
  • However when you select the confirmed Proposal you can Adjust the order details and deliverables.
  • Then, can create schedule for the Order by automatically or manually.
  • Click Add to create schedule manually
  • Or Click Auto to create schedule automatically

To Automize the schedule

  • First select the target.
  • Select Visit on Every to note the frequency daily, monthly or weekly
  • Then select the day of the week or you can leave it as it could be done on any day of the week.
  • Tick the box if the date falls on a public holiday, move to how many days later or how many days earlier.
  • In order to Verify how many days to set the schedule
  • Then go to default setting
  • Select technician to assign to this job
  • Then click Ok
  • To Save this Order and Schedule go to Operations

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