In any business, there will be payment to Suppliers / Creditor or payment as refunds to Customers.

There are 2 kinds of Payment Vouchers (PV) that can be generated from ProLine – Standard PV and Sundry PV.

Difference between Standard and Sundry PV

A Standard PV requires an Account Code whereas a Sundry PV does not require an Account Code. This means that you do not need to create a Contact Account for petty payments such as one time expenses.

We recommend creating Contact Accounts when you need to monitor the outstanding expenses before making payments.

Since Sundry do not uses Account Code, the payment is directly applied to a specific GL account, usually the accounts in the Expenses category. To add GL code, click on Misc menu, Add GL.

Cross-Account Payments

ProLine support cross-account cashbook, meaning that we can pay or receive money to match against multiple transactions from different originating accounts.

E.g. Consolidated Payment

We can issue 1 PV for supplier with different invoices from different company names.

Usually happens when there are nationwide operations with different supplier accounts for different branches.
However, payment is made to the Supplier’s HQ.

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