A schedule is defined as a plan for a unit of work. Without a plan, it can be difficult to manage jobs and slot in new jobs request as it comes.

Therefore a schedule or work plan is important to keep track of resources and time allocated for it for each business or customer orders.

Scheduling Requirements

Before creating any schedules, an Order must be created beforehand. The Order includes information such as Customer, Address, Deliverables and more.

Once an Order is created, schedules can be added using Auto-Scheduler or manually by New Schedule button.

Creating One Time Schedule

A One Time schedule is handy when it comes to inserting individual appointments such as jobs for complaints and emergency cases.

It can also be used for customer visits based on limited frequency. An example like Beauty Treatment for 12 times and each visit for treatment will be considered a new Job.

To create a one-time schedule, click on New Schedule button.

  1. Click the NEW SCHEDULE button to proceed.
  2. Insert the Duration need for the job schedule.
  3. Check / unchecked the box next to as required.
  4. Select or insert the Date & Time of schedule preferred.
  5. Insert the Service Report No if necessary (used this step if you are going to do the schedule manually)
  6. Select the Nature of Service, Targets, Technician involved for the schedule and fill in other relevant details.
  7. Click the Save option in the Operation menu to confirm all the information.
  8. The schedule will automatically displayed in the list.
    To view the newly created information just highlight the detail and click the VIEW DETAILS button.
You can only view 1 schedule details at 1 time.

Using Auto-Scheduler

The Auto-Scheduler in ProLine is a handy utility to find dates to match against the preferences given.
It can reduce the time it takes to create a lengthy schedule especially schedule involving months or years ahead.

  1. Click the AUTO button to proceed create new schedule.
  2. Select the number of schedules to be generated.
  3. Select the desired Date Period of creating the schedules.
  4. Select the Time desired for the schedules.
  5. Select the Target involved to be created (to get more targets in the list please add it in the Location tab).
  6. Select the Duration for the schedules.
  7. Select the Visit Frequency necessary according to your needs.
  8. Select the Specific Day of services to be created on if necessary.
  9. Select the Date Postponed to if falls on holiday if necessary.
  10. Select the Technician involved.
  11. Select the Nature Of Service for the schedule.
  12. Select the Service Type of job need to be done.
  13. Insert any additional Instructions as required.
  14. Select the Merge With Schedule date if required (this function will only appear if an already exists schedule is created).
  15. Click the PREVIEW button to temporarily view the schedules before confirm the creating the schedules.
  16. Click the OK button to confirm create all the schedules information.
  17. The schedule will automatically displayed in the list.
  18. To view the newly created information just highlight the detail and click the VIEW DETAILS button.
You can only view 1 schedule details at 1 time.

Preferred Technician

To provide the extra mile service, there are cases where customers are used to or preferred certain staff to service them. In such cases, we can use the Preferred Technician selection to allow the Order to remember a preferred staff for the customer.

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