ProLine has auto-pricing mechanism that can be applied to most documents (Quotation, Invoice, Supplier Invoice, Purchase Order, and etc) and to a specified set of contacts or selected customers.

ProLine includes an auto-learn pricing where the prices that you have previously quoted will be remembered and the next time when you enter the same item (product code), the price will be auto-filled in.

You can still override price anytime, if you need to quote for just one time, you can use Quick Quote and enter the prices manually.

However, if you need to refer to pricing frequently or send a price list to your customers, then creating a Price List is easier.

ProLine can also remember prices by customers. For example, Customer A quoted item is lower price than Customer B, Proline can remember the prices individually.

ProLine selects the price based on customer, if selected customer price is different, then it follows that.

Proline follows a set of precedence on its pricing logic. For example, if there is markup by percentage versus price list, price list will take over priority for pricing.

Pricing is based on these precedence rules:

Previous Price is the last used price on the specified customer.

Default Markup is defined in Options -> System settings -> Parameters -> Default Markup Selling Price where it will default as 20% if not defined.

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