Scheduler is a main function for Operation department.

Its important to closed job with attach service form, because the service form is used for monitoring:

  1. Billing
  2. Stock / Inventory
  3. Technician overtime
  4. Technician productivity

There are few ways to closed job with attach service form:

  1. By using MFS this task will be automatically
  2. Do it manually, daily at Scheduler
  3. At the particular order:

Below are the steps how to closed job with attach service form at Scheduler.

1. Select Scheduler.

2. At scheduler, go to Due & Overdue.

3. Select the schedule.

4. Once Schedule pop out, select View.

5. Then, select Edit Order.

6. Click Yes at the pop out message.

7. Then, the Order will pop out. Go to next tab.

8. At Order Sets, if have multiple Set Title, select the particular Set Title.

Go to Schedule, then select schedule.

9. Select Add, then select Attach Service Form.

The service form will pop out.

Refer for edit service form in details.

10.After done editing the service form, go to Operations

11. Then, click Save.

(or select CTRL + S to save)

12. Then, the schedule will pop out for you to change the schedule status by selecting the drop down list.

13. Select Done to closed the job.

Then save the schedule.

Select OK for this pop out message.

14. Close the Order and click Yes for this pop out message.

15. For closed job monitoring, you can go to Scheduler, at Closed.


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