Check out this walk through video for how to add service Form and closed the jobs.

  • Select the respective Order
  • Go to Order Sets tab and select the schedule
  • Select the job that is required to be closed
  • Click on Add, select Attach Service Form
  • Date of the service form could be changed or shall remain as it is
  • Then set the service form time, date and when it needs to be done.
  • Then click save
  • The Schedule will pop out
  • From To Do change the status to Done
  • Then Go to Operations, click save.
  • The “Post Service Form First” will pop out, if required click Yes
  • The Service Form will pop out.
  • Go to operations, click Post
  • Click Yes for Post This Service Form
  • Click ok for Service Attached.
  • Check at Closed Job for the job that you had been closed.
  • Then at the Operations click save.
  • Then click Refresh.

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