Order is a contract specifying the duration of service between client and company.
Sets and Deliverables in an Order consist of information about the sales (the scope of work / delivery
/ business arrangement). It is the agreement between customer and the company on what to be
delivered, its quantities, frequency of delivery, date to start from to when it should end and at what
1. Go to General Tab -> Orders.
2. Click New to create new order.
3. Fill up the information by define type of service, select Customer , sales person& etc.
4. Specify the contract period.

5. Go to next page by click on the Right Arrow Button to Order Sets.
6. Click the Set Details. Fill up the Set Title by specific the services location name. If the Order
consists of few servicing locations, fill up the Set Title 1, Set Title 2 & so on accordingly.
7. Set up the Period & Dates .
8. Click the Down Arrow Button to choose billing mode.
9. Click the Service Address. To select service address & premise type.
10. Click Deliverable.
11. Fill up Product (Product name/ Package name), Description, Unit Price, Service Frequency
and Times (billing frequency). Tick Bill if it is billable.
12. Fill up Target in the next line to define the target. Eg. Ant, Rat & etc.

13. Go to Operations -> Save
14. A new order is created.



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