Check out this walk through video for how to create Proposal

  • Go to Sales tab, Click Proposal and New
  • Enter in the Project Title and specify the required Customer
  • Choose the sales person, duration, start and end date of the projects
  • Adjust the proposal date accordingly
  • Then go to Proposal Sets tab, select Sets
  • Name the title of sets, select the billing mode and Tax Code if needed
  • Select instructions tab to see the Instructions list
  • Select Treatment or Service Description tab to see the Treatment or Service Description list
  • Then click Options and the estimate duration time along with the Time to do the service
  • Choose the Target, the Scope of Work will appear.
  • Hence, choose Area and Action
  • Enter the Description if necessary along with the price
  • The quantity will appear as one adjust accordingly
  • Select the Frequency which can be change as well
  • Tick the box and issue Bills accordingly, Save

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