Use Cash Sales for cash billing only, for credit billing please see Creating Invoice.

A Cash Sale (also known as Point of Sales) supports non-Account posting such as walk-in sales where the customer does not require having an account code to purchase from your company.

To create Cash Sales:

1 . Go to Cash Sales page in the Master View and click New button on the toolbar or Ctrl+N.


2 . This will open a new Cash Sales form for data entry.


3 . To change the Org Group, click the button beside “File under”, otherwise leave as it is.


4 . Enter the details such as “Handler”, “Header Notes” and “Footer Notes” where it is applicable.


5 . If the Cash Sales involves stock movement such as Delivery Order, please choose Delivery Order from the Stock Note pulldown.


6 . Click on the pulldown and select “Bill Items” or use the “>” button on the top right to go to the next page.


Filling in the Billing Info

1 . Click on the empty “Code” box and select an item using the lookup button.


2 . Fill in the price and quantity, the amount will then be calculated automatically.


3 . To use the barcode scanning feature instead, use the Ctrl+B keys or click on the “View” -> “Bar Code Scanning” menu.


4 . You may fill in additional descriptions of the current product item using the next blank row or lines at the bottom and by leaving the “Code” box empty.


5 . All the items in the “Bill Items” are reflected in the “Stock” section on the next page.


6 . To change the tax values, click on the “Total” blue amount on the bottom right and fill in the tax value.


Posting the Cash Sales document will generate an outstanding entry for the Handler (Cashier) where Receipt is required for the Handler to ensure money is received.

Saving & Printing

  • To save, press Ctrl+S keys or click on the Save option in the Operations menu. A new Cash Sales number will be generated during the saving process.
  • To print, press Ctrl+P keys or click on the Print option in the Operations menu and select the desired layout.
  • If there are other layouts for printing such as Delivery Order, you can click on Print menu and select Delivery Order to print.
You can save and print at the same time, by Printing the document without saving. This will save and print at the same time, saving time.

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