You can create general journal for transactions that not been recorded in sales or purchases category.

Below are the steps on how to create general journal:

1. Go to Account

2. Select General Journal

3. Select New

4. Key in the Narration. Optional to key in Remarks and Reference.

5. Select Add Line

6. Select […]

7. At Accounts Listing pop out message, select particular GL code for you, then click OK

8. Key in the Amount and press Enter

9. Then repeat steps 6 & 7 to match off GL code.

This GL code you can change D (Debit) to C (Credit).

Key in the Amount and press Enter.

Below are the sample of General Journal data entry.

  • Match off GL codes
  • Have Debit and Credit transactions
  • Contain same Amount

10. After confirmed the entry, you can save the journal by going to Operations and select Save (or just press CTRL+S)

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