Invoice is a goods/services billing statement between seller/service provider with customers contain details and price of goods/services.

In Proline, You can create Invoice from

  • Invoice – Go to Billing (1), Select Invoice (2) & Select New (3)

  • Order (for service) – Select New Bill
    • At Order, you can create Advance Billing or Billing after service

  • Jobs to Bill – Go to Billing (1), Select Jobs To Bill (2)

  • Quotation

  • Delivery Order


Below is on how to create Invoice


  1. Select customer.
  2. Select Payment Term.
  3. Select handler (who create the invoice).
  4. Billing address, select change if required.
  5. Always make sure File Under go to correct branch

Bill Items

  1. Invoice details come out when you tick Bill at Deliverables:
  2. When you tick service form, available service form line will pop out for you to choose and put the service form details on the invoice:
  3. Click this to check double entry

  • Tick bill at deliverables

  • Service form appear after tick Show S/Forms

  • Check/reselect your GL Code.

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