Debit Note is issued for :

  • A seller to advise the amount owed by the buyer.
  • Adjust upwards the amount of an invoice already issued

Debit Note is created by :

  • Go to Billing tab (1), select Invoice (2) and select Invoice to create debit note (3).


  • At the Invoice, go to Operations select Create Debit Note (4).


  • To create Debit Note, its compulsory to key in notes at Reason / Narration (5) / Footer Notes.


  • Then, go to Bill Items.


  • Edit the Bill Items with Debit Note details.


  • Once done the edit at Bill Items, you can :
    • Issue Receipt – if the Debit Note need to issued immediately
    • Print – to print the Debit Note and send to buyer.
    • Save – Save the Debit Note to be issued later with the Invoice.


  • Below is the Official Receipt that has been issued with Invoice.


  • Once Buyer paid, double click Balance and go to Operations :
    • Click Print – to Print the Receipt and send to Buyer
    • Save – to save the Receipt.



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