Most of the documents numbering can be auto-generated and formatted by the system during creation time. This article explains the settings and its effect to the system.

To cater ProLine for wider applications, it is designed to allow manual / automatic generation of running numbers. At the same time, include special codes for each number to form part of the document reference numbering system.

To access to the setting, go to the Setup page in Master View. It is located in the System tab.

By default, the auto-numbering is enabled. To turn it off, uncheck the Auto box for the desired document.

To continue numbering from another number, click on the Ellipse button beside the check box. Enter the period and the starting number to continue from. For example, entering number 29 for Invoice means that the next Invoice number generated is 29.

To change format for the document number, edit the text in the Format column.

Refer to below to understand the behavior of the format codes.

  1. Any system codes are enclosed within curly brackets – { } with exception for the digit 9.
  2. System codes with exclamation ! symbol such as {OG!} refers to running numbers based on OG but not form part of the document number.
  3. You may place symbols such as hypen, slash, underscore, etc.
Changing format will not affect historical data for the document. It will only take effect on subsequent number generations.

Available System Codes:

  • {YY} – Year
  • {MM} – Month
  • {T} – Doc Type (based on the Document Code column)
  • {R} – Renewal Counter (only for Orders)
  • {OG} – Org Group Code
  • 9 – Serial Number

Each variable can be used in conjunction with ! or @ symbols, e.g. {OG!} or {OG@}.

The exclamation (!) symbol is to hide the variable but will create separate running numbers or series.

The alias (@) symbol is to show the variable but will not create separate running numbers or series.

Resetting Document Running Numbers

You can reset the running number or set the next running number individually.

To reset individual running numbers, tick on Reset Numbering checkbox and click on the Ellipse button […] beside each document to change the next number in sequence.

To reset all numbers, tick on Reset Numbering checkbox and click on Show All Counters.

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