E-Filing is a productivity concept where we are storing soft-copies of files and documents in the computer. This allows easily retrieval, collaboration, printing copies, emailing and faxing.

The Right Scanner

To ensure E-Filing is adopted within the office, the right document scanner is important for success. Scanners varies from standalone flatbed scanners, multi-function printers to networked photocopiers.

The right scanners will determine how convenient and how fast users are able to scan documents and store it into ProLine. Depending on the size of office, multiple units of scanner may be needed as users may be discouraged to walk from one end to another end of the office just to scan some documents.

To add in the convenience, scanning should be done on the equipment itself rather than controlling the scanning from the computer, which is a major hassle.

The Right Server

If you are serious about e-filing, first is to consider the capacity of the storage. Server is vital as it will store files of various sizes for every transaction and across a period of years.

File archiving may help to maintain a healthy working size, but at the end, the volume of transactions and average file sizes will ultimately determine the storage requirements.

What Files to Keep?

It it endless on what we can store in a computer – everything from email conversations, CAD drawings, PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and even photos from digital camera.

However, to ensure that consistency is achieved across all staff within the office, it is recommended to list down specifically what documents, information and photos to be stored.

Considerations of what documents or files to be stored within E-Filing as as follows:

  • Usable – is it important and necessary?
  • Efficiency – the time required to scan and store them into the system
  • File Size – there are some files which are just too big

Briefing & Reminders

Once everything is in place, all staff involved should be brief on what to do and when to start doing it. Also it is good to provide handout like small cards with list of documents to scan for each staff to stick on their desk to remind them until it has become a habit. Common places like the photocopier is a good place to stick on of this cards too.

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