GST Processing Flow

Steps :

Img 1

1. Under System, click Setup. Update MSIC/ Industry code.


Img 2



2. Under System, click Users. Check user is linked with an account. If not, follow step below. If yes, proceed to Step 5.


Img 3

3. Double click the user record, tick Show Admin Info checkbox.


Img 4


4. Click to choose user account file. Then, click Save button.


Img 5



5. Under Accounts, choose Closing Tasks.


Img 6



6. Select processing period.

7. Tick GST Processing checkbox.

8. Click START button.


Img 7


9. If the message above appear, click OK button.


Img 8



10. Wait the proceesing to be done. Once it complete, task done message will show. Then, click Print/Export tab.


Img 9




11.  Click View GST03 button to view GSt-03 report

12. Click Export TAP to export and save TAP file. It is submitted to TAP portal.

13. Click Export GAF to export and save GAF file. It is requested by Custom if necessary.

14. Once confirmed, click Lock Data.


Img 10




15. Ensure GST No. is appear in GST-03 report.

16. Double click the amount to check GST Detailed Listing.


Img 11 Img 12

Sample data in TAP file.


Img 13


Sample data in GAF file.

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