Handy Print is a fast and convenient tool for users to perform common print tasks such as printing

  • barcodes
  • cheques
  • envelopes
  • letterheads


  • It eliminate human-errors
    • it can be linked from master lookups and documents
  • avoiding manual typing.

Printing Barcode

  • Barcode required for creating Inventory / Stock

How To Print :

  • Type in the code and description.
  • Use Find to lookup the item code, barcode and model.
  • Manage Items screen can be used to print barcode.

Printing Cheque

Printer type to print check :

  • normal inkjet
  • laser
  • dot-matrix

How to Print : 

  • Enter the amount, date and payee (The cheque wording is auto-generated).
  • Cheque can be print at Payment Voucher.

To test print : 

  • Cut an A4 paper to the size of the cheque.
  • Verify the printout position with an actual cheque.
A cheque printed using ProLine’s Handy Print feature on a regular inkjet printer.

Printing Envelopes

Benefits : 

  • Save costs (sticker labels)
  • Save time (to peel and stick to each envelope).

*Printing envelopes are better compared to printing mailing labels and then stick it to the envelopes.

How to Print : 

  • Enter the Attn, Company and Address.
  • Use Find to lookup the Acct. No and Name.
  • Envelopes can be print at ProLine documents such as Quotation, Sales Order, Invoices, Delivery Order and more.

Printing Letterheads

Benefits :

  • Use the letterhead function to print simple letterhead stationary

How to Print :

  • Choose the Print Layout, Org Group and click Print.


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