This articles explains how to install ProLine 3.0 Free & Starter editions on your Windows.

Installation Guide

Download ProLine Free Edition & click on the “PL3Lite.exe” to start the installation.

ProLine 3.0 Server installation will only run on Windows XP with Service Pack 3 or Windows of higher versions (both 32-bit & 64-bit).

The installer will proceed to install two prerequisites Microsoft components if Windows do not have them installed :

a) .Net Framework 2.0 (required to install MS SQLExpress 2005 & to run ProLine 3.0)
b) SQL Server Compact 3.5 SP1 (required to to run ProLine 3.0)

Proceed with any “Accept”, “Allow”, “Yes”, “Next”, “Install”, or “Run”
confirmations to successfully install ProLine 3.0.

Do not click on “Cancel”, or “No” buttons during installation otherwise
ProLine wil not be properly installed.

From here you can leave everything at default configuration or click “Next >” button to proceed.

The default settings are :
• SQL Server: .\PROLINE (You cannot change this)
• SQL User ID: sa (You cannot change this)
• SQL Password: SQLPassword

Otherwise specify your own password in the dialog box and click “Next >” button to proceed.
• Remember to record down all these information so that you won’t forget the settings.

The installer will then copy all the necessary files & once you see the dialog box below, click the “Proceed” button.

Then it will proceed to install the MS SQLEXPRESS 2005 database server for ProLine 3.0.

Here, there is no user interaction required & wait until the ProLine Database setup to start.

The ProLine Database Generator is used to create a new ProLine database on the MS SQLEXPRESS 2005 database server.

Click “Next >” button to proceed on creating a new ProLine database.

i) You may specify the location of the database folder. It is highly recommended that you select the hard drive with the most free space.

You may also specify your own new default Admin ID & Password for this ProLine 3.0 database to increase the access security.

Default values :
New Admin ID : admin
New Admin Password : admin

ii) Click “Next >” button to proceed.

• If you have changed the SQL Password settings earlier, enter your current SQL Password to match it or the new database creation will fail.

iii) Click “Finish” button once the task is complete, & the installation of the other components will proceed.

Locate the “ProLine 3.0” shortcut icon on your desktop & double-click it to run ProLine 3.0

ProLine will prompt for your Customer Code & Serial No., just enter the information you received in the e-mail.

Please do not change time settings in your operating system while evaluating / using ProLine.
Once you do this, the trial period will expire and you will not be able to continue your evaluation.

Enter the new admin ID & password you specified in the section above.

Click the “Login” button & start using ProLine 3.0!

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