Install MFS and conduct your work systematically by using a smartphone.

Below are the steps how to install and use MFS.


  1. Open the Android Play Store App, search for ProLine mfs application.
  2. Click for Mobile Field Service (MFS). The installation page will be opened.
  3. Click Install. When the installation process is done, run the app.

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  1. Click Server Code button (key in the server code first before input the username and password).
  2. Server Setting will appear.
  3. Input the server address.
  4. Click OK button.
  5. Insert Username and Password.
  6. Click Sign in button.
    *The Username and Password information will be saved. When the application starts again, it will go straight to job listing page.
    *The Username and Password information will persist until the user is Sign-Out.

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Start-up Screen

At start-up screen, you can see :

  • Current
  • Completed
  • Queue
  • About
  • Attach button – to pre-download attachment
  • Refresh button


Job Details

  • Job Details list all the information needed for technician before start job.
  • At Job Details also consists :
    • Sform button – to view Past Service Form
    • Hold button – to hold job
    • Start button – to start job


Hold Job

  • When technicians select Hold Job below interface will pop out for them to select Reason and key in Remarks.


View Past Service Form

  • After clicking SForm button, you can view past service form and download the past service form.



 Start Job

  • Once technicians select Start Job, Start Job Time and Date will be captured.


Record Chemical Usage

  • At Service Tab, add and record the status of the target with chemical usage.


 Record Used Equipment

  • At Equipment, add equipment that has been used for service.


 Take Photo On Service Location

  • Complete your report with the picture from the service location.


Servicing Report and Internal Note

  • Write service report at Reports for client and office reference.
  •  Internal notes are useful for office record.

16 17

Payment and Create Next Schedule

  • For service payment are Cash On Delivery and Payment After Service, key in the details at Payment.
  • Confirmed next service schedule by ticking at Next Schedule.


Customer Preview Service Form Before Signing & Signature Acknowledgement

  • Preview the summary of the service form that created in earlier steps.
  • Click close when done previewing.


Feedback On Servicing

  • The customer can give feedback on service.


Close Jobs

  • After you have finished the inserting details
  • Click the Close Jobs
  • The data will automatically try to upload into the database and listed as completed jobs
  • *If failed to upload, the screen will remain at Close Options
  • Click Upload Job now to retry upload the data
  • Click Save Data for next time continue upload


Upload Queue

  •  If clicked Upload All, the job will add to Completed Jobs.


Completed Jobs

  • After the job is successful uploaded into the database, the job will be deleted from current jobs and listed into Completed Jobs.


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