To create a new Sales Order, you can create one from scratch or confirm from an existing Proposal.
This article provides the necessary steps to create one from scratch.

Create new Order

  • Go to Generals – Orders (1).
  • Select New (2) or ‘Ctrl+N’.



  • Select Order Type


Multiple Branches
  1. For multiple branches, check Org Group at File under.
  2. Select the green box to change branch.
  3. And click Select after select the branch.

*This applies to all templates in Proline. Please check File under to make sure Order / Proposal / Invoice etc at the correct branch.


Select Customer
  1. Select Ellipsis Button [..].
  2. Select Contact.
  3. Select OK.


Other General Details
  1. Order Date
  2. Period
  3. Commencement Date
  4. Salesperson


Order Sets

*Click on the pulldown and select “Order Sets” or use the “>” button on the top right to go to the next page.


Set Details
  • Fill in service location details at:
    1. Set Title – Service location landmark
    2. Select Servicing Address, refer
    3. Servicing Address can also select a different customer.
    4. Period and Start Date of the set title
    5. Billing Mode
    6. If the set amount is including Tax, select Tax Code, and tick Tax Inclusive.
    7. Instruction is for you to communicate with technician
    8. Servicing / Job Description to communicate with Operation and Account department.


  • For multiple servicing locations, select Set Title and click ‘Enter’.


  • Deliverable contain complete details of the package that you want to propose to your prospect/customer.
  • Deliverable can cover from billing, service and stock details.
  • You can make a request to our on how to key in the deliverable.



In Order, you can keep track schedule, closed job, service form and billing of the Order too.

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