How to change Order status and Add on Order Status

Below are the steps on how to change order status:

1. Open the order required to change the status and select the Active.

2. Select the drop down list.

3. Select the required status.

4. Select OK.

Then check the status.

5. Save the Order once the status update accordingly.

  • Go to Operations, select Save / press Ctrl+S

You add on Order status if required by:

6. Go to Admin, select Workflow & Rights Setup.

7. Go to Queue Status.

8. Select the drop down list.

9. Select Order.

This is will be appear:

10. Then, go to File, select Manage Status.

11. Select Add.

12. Then, one blank column is appear and ready for you to key in the details of new status.

13. Sample details are like below.

Make sure to tick Closed, Cancel and Suspend for the inactive status.

So the schedule in the order will not be appear anymore.

14. After add the Status, go to Operations and Save / press Ctrl + S.

15. Last but not least, save the workflow setup too.

How to delete Canceled Set Title?

In your Order, sometimes there is a Set Title that you need to cancel. This Canceled Set Title can’t be deleted.

It will prompt this message;


How to select another contact account for Servicing Address in Order

There is situation when one customer has multiple contact account for Servicing Address.

1. First, open Order.

2. At General tab, select Contact for Billing purpose.


3. At Order Sets tab, to change Servicing Address, click at Red Circle (Customer Account No).


4. Select the Contact Account for Servicing Address purpose, click Ok.


5. Check the Servicing Address and advisable to name the Set Title as remark of Servicing Address


6. You can add Set Title and change the Servicing Address accordingly.



How to close Order and Attach Service Form

Select respective Order
At the Order Sets tab, go to schedule
Select the job that has to be close

Select Add and Attach Service form to close job

Change Date of the service form or remain as it is
By referring to the service that had been done,
Key in the details of the service such as time and date

Then click save
After that, the Schedule will pop out
Change the status of the job from To Do to Done

Then at Operations, click save.
If require to post this service form first, select yes at the pop out

Then, when the Service Form pop out.
Go to operations, click Post and Select Yes for Post This Service Form and Service Attached.

At Closed Job, recheck the job that had been closed.
Then at the Operations click save and click Refresh.

How to attach file in Proline and can be seen in MFS

1. At Order Set click the MFS Attachments


2. Then the attachment can be seen in MFS at Files.


How to Create Order with certain scenarios

Example scenario

Different types of treatment:

  • General Pest Control (GPC) – twice a month
  • Fogging – once a month
  • Intensive rodent treatment – weekly

Different types of treatment for different areas:

  • GPC in Food court
  • GPC in Management Office
  • Fogging in Car Park
  • Rodent in Riser Rooms

1.Go to Orders, create New / click specific order

2. Go to Order Sets


3. Go to Deliverables, and the setup for all the given scenarios will be key in as :


4. Click Remarks to fill in Area and Action :





How to change Document Type after save the order

  1. Go to “Orders”
  2. Click required Order
  3. Click “Operations”
  4. Click “Change Doc. Type”
  5. Click “Save”