Organization Grouping or OG for short is designed to provide simplified yet realistic modeling to real business structure.

Benefits of OG

Org Group button with popup window
  • Systematically organize records into sections such as Sales Unit, Department or Branch.
  • Provides security as to restrict visibility / access to records within the same section.
  • Allow data analysis by the OG structure, such as total sales by Unit, Department, Branch.
  • Can OG used for Contact, Inventory, Account and transactions such as Billing and Sales Orders
    E.g. Expenses, stocks, contacts for Branch / Sales Unit
  • If User is assigned under a specific OG, then default all records are attached to that OG
  • User on a higher level of OG can access its sub OG, such as Branch Manager can access it’s units / departments
The ALL OG is a System OG reserved for Users with access to any OG, such as the system administrator.

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