Invoices and other accounting documents are subjected to the posting process. The posting process takes the accounting information from the document and updates it to the accounting tables for further processing.

One example is the Cashbook. Before an Invoice is posted, the Cashbook will not be able to add the Invoice into a Receipt or Payment Voucher.

Once posted, the document will not be allowed for any changes. This is for both processing control and to maintain data integrity to ensure the reports are accurate.

To manually post an Invoice:

Once an Invoice is created, right-click on the Invoice (in Master View) and click Post. This can also be performed from the Operations menu in the Invoice screen.

In Master View, multiple invoices can be posted in one go by highlighting invoices in a range and right-clicking it.
If Auto-Posting is enabled, then manual posting is not required. But care must be taken as normal users will not be able to modify the Invoice once posted.

Unpost Function

This is a function that is created to minimized adjustments performed in ProLine to keep the database clean. Unpost can only be activated when conditions below are met:

  • No Cashbook entries
  • No Stock entries
  • User having the Unpost access rights

To unpost an Invoice, open the desired Invoice and click on Unpost option in the Operations menu. If the Unpost menu is not available, it means the conditions for Unpost are not met.

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