Impress your customer or potential customer by creating interesting Proposal. In Proline, you can create a Proposal with multiple packages for multiple locations.

Start to create Proposal by:

  • Go to Sales, select Proposal.


  • Then, select New.


Once Proposal pop out:

At General

  • First, choose proposal type.


  • Then select Ellipsis Button [..] (1), select customer/prospect (2) and click OK (3).


  • Select Salesperson


  • Enter estimate start date at Start From.


  • Enter estimate Period. Then, Proline will auto calculate estimated End Date.


  • Change Billing Address, select Introducer, Marketing Campaign, Default Technician, Terms of Payment, Deliver By and Currency if necessary
  • Go to Proposal Sets.


At Proposal Sets

At Sets

  • It is advisable to key-in Location landmark such as Road x, Building x etc.
  • To change Service Address, refer
  • Select Billing Mode
  • Enter Instruction to communicate with your technician.
  • Enter Service Description to communicate with your Operation and Account department.
  • Change Work Type (Day Work/Night Work) if necessary.
  • If the amount of the Proposal is Tax Inclusive, select the Tax Code and tick Tax Inclusive.


  • Select Ellipsis Button [..] to add another set (another service address).


  • Select, Yes to copy the previous set detail.


At Options

  • You can key in deliverables at Options. Deliverables contain complete details of the package that you want to propose to your prospect/customer.
  • Deliverables can cover from billing, service and stock details.
  • You can make a request to our on how to key in deliverables


Confirm Proposal

  1. Select Option
  2. Select >> to transfer to Items
  3. Tick the items button

  • Then, go to Operations, select Confirm Proposal.


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