Purchase Order is issued to Supplier when ordering goods. This allows ProLine to keep track of the orders made and the outstanding from Supplier.

There are 2 ways that Purchasing process can be performed based on the roles assigned to staff.

Two ways to process Purchase Order

Referring to the diagram, a Purchase Order can be confirmed to a GRN first and then a Supplier Invoice. Or, it can be confirmed to a Supplier Invoice directly with the GRN issued together.

The first approach is called the deferred billing and latter is immediate billing.

The GRN document is required to allow stocks to be checked in to ensure that stock balances are up to date and accurate.

The Supplier Invoice document is required for posting to accounts indicating that an Invoice was received from Supplier and the outstanding amount has been picked up in the Cashbook and GL.

Purchasing Tasks

Navigate to the following articles for detailed instructions on related tasks:

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