Where is service address in Service Forms

In service forms there are two addresses available:

Attn to is for Billing address (Order Address) and Deliver to is for Servicing Address:


Attn to – Billing Address

Deliver to – Service Address

How to add technician at service form

For service with multiple technician , follow steps below to add on technician:

  1. Select team lead at handler

2. Select Team column and select multiple technicians.

3. The service form will multiple technicians will look like below

How to attach photo at service form

Attach file (photo or any other file format) at service form by following step below:

  1. Select the Attachments

2. Select the folder that contain the file:

3. Transfer the file to the right:

4. Once transferred the file, close the attachment pop out.

5. Once attached, the attachment will show the quantity of attached file and the size.

How to change Address in Service Form in Proline

First select Change (Refer red color box).


Then the Account Details will pop out, at Edit Address click drop down list.


Select the required Address.


After select the Address, check the Address details


How to close Order and Attach Service Form

Select respective Order
At the Order Sets tab, go to schedule
Select the job that has to be close

Select Add and Attach Service form to close job

Change Date of the service form or remain as it is
By referring to the service that had been done,
Key in the details of the service such as time and date

Then click save
After that, the Schedule will pop out
Change the status of the job from To Do to Done

Then at Operations, click save.
If require to post this service form first, select yes at the pop out

Then, when the Service Form pop out.
Go to operations, click Post and Select Yes for Post This Service Form and Service Attached.

At Closed Job, recheck the job that had been closed.
Then at the Operations click save and click Refresh.

How to Pretext at MFS Service Form (Report column)


  1. Go to Proline
  2. Click Admin tab
  3. Click Work Plan
  4. Click Action Performed
  5. Click Add
  6. Type the Pretext word
  7. Click Save


How to use in MFS;


  1. At the Report tab.
  2. Click “Add text”
  3. Choose the Pretext
  4. Technicians can key in their details in the Report

How to regenerate the Service Form for MFS

  1. At browser type

http:\\[MFS server]\sfcheck?srno=[Service Form No]  

          This is to see the status of the service form


2. If Result of the Service Form is true then type

http:\\[MFS server]\sfcheck?srno=[Service Form No]&create=true&force=true

          to regenerate the Service Form.

How to amend details in the Service Form after closed job in MFS

  1. In Proline, go to “Servicing” tab.
  2. Click the required Service Form.
  3. Edit the details which required the amendment.
  4. Click “Save”.
  5. Click “Post”.
  6. Click “Refresh” in Proline and MFS to view the amendment.


Why is it that there is no detail reflected in Service Form?

  • You need to key in the information from at order / schedule stage, then only detail will appear. Check your previous order / schedule / closed job to check the required detail

Proline – Service Form creation

  1. Click “Orders”
  2. Then at the Order Sets tab – Schedule – click “Add” – then choose “Attach Service Form”
  3. Then key in the service details especially the routine service, date and time then click Save
  4. Then there will be the pop out of the “Schedule for Routine Service”, check it
  1. If the “Schedule for Routine Service” is not for the service form, close the schedule, select manually the correct schedule and attach the required service form.
  2. Then click “Operations”, click save
  3. There will come out a pop out “Post Service Form first?”, click ok if required to post service form at that time.
  1. Then Service Form will pop out, click Operations and click save.
  1. Then check the Closed jobs, check the Service Form no, click Operations and click save.

How to differentiate between stock for own usage or sales in service form?

The stock usage is based on the stock note selected in the Service Form. For multiple kinds of usage within one service, create separate Service Form for each usage.