In this post will explained how to do Transfer In and Transfer Out of the stock.

Transfer Out

1. First go to Stock Control tab, select Stock Note and select New.


2. Select Transfer Out as the stock note template and click OK.


3. Then, Stock Note – Transfer Out will pop out.


4. Click Eclipse button to select Customer or Technician (select who should received the stock).


5. Click drop down button to select the Handler.


6. Then go to Stock tab, click eclipse button at Code and select the code of the stock.


7. The Description, Qty (default by 1), On Hand and UOM will appear.

Change Qty value to the number of the stock need to be transfer out.

Then to Print, Save and Post the Stock Note – Transfer Out go to Operations.



Transfer In

1. For Transfer In the stock, select Transfer In for stock note template and click OK.


2. Select Technician or Customer, who is returned the stock.

Select Handler.


3.  Go to Stock tab, select Code of the stock and change the Qty to the number of return stock.

Then, go to operations to Print, Save and Post the stock note.


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