• Tax Code Table in ProLine can be defined as Double Entries Setup.
  • Double Entry is set by default with including GST code.
  • If you want to change or manage code, you can do it here.
    1. Under Menu, click Accounts
    2. Click Settings
    3. Click Double Entry SetupScreenshot_1Screenshot_2
    4. Double Entry Setup *Related to GST – Explanation for GST tax code, refer Appendix 2.
      • Taxable Items
        All GST code must be tick, if not, it will not appear in drop down list at taxable items column.
      • Output Tax
        Output tax is usually for supplier/purchase.
        User can refer the GST code for Output tax in Appendix 1.
      • Input Tax
        Input tax is usually for customer/sales. But, sometimes it will use by retailer or dealer.
        User can refer the GST code for Input tax in Appendix 1.


    5. Click to save to save all the changes that you have made (or press CTRL+S).

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