The Idea Behind a Complete Sales Tracking System

The goal of ProLine is to create a seamless and simple way of recording business activities to allow automation and tracking for various operations.

Briefly described, a Sales file consists of Quotation, Order and in some cases, Renewal. Each customer may have multiple sales files based on what they have enquired and purchased.

Some sales files may end up (abandoned) in Quotation or Renewal, which is normal. You can create a sales file for a customer in any of state.
It doesn’t mean that you need to have a Quotation before able to convert it to Order. However, for Renewal cases, you will need an existing Order to turn it to a Renewal.

A Sales File comprised of the following components:

  • Delivery Scope – which includes specification for both work (time) and material
  • Planning – the logistics and schedule for the delivery (which in some business requires customer’s agreement)
  • Progress – same as planning but the actual delivery details
  • Billing – request for payments
A complete picture of a Sales Order

To make it more interesting, the Delivery Scope may change from time to time as it changes in real-world. Actual Delivery may have taken place and the changes of the Delivery Scope will affect the future deliveries and billing.

ProLine has been engineered to handle most real-world scenarios as simple as possible. Below are the terminologies used:

  • Order – Sets, Deliverables, Schedule, Billing
  • Quotation & Renewal – Sets, Options

Sets and Deliverables of an Order consists of information about the sales (the scope of work / delivery / business arrangement). It is the agreement between customer and the company on what to be delivered, its quantities, frequency of delivery, date to start from to when it should end and at what price.

Schedule includes both planned and actual details of the when and how to be delivered.

Billing is the area where documents such as invoices or credit notes are issued, whether to bill before delivery or after.

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