Your computer, external hard disk and heat.

Some store brand computers especially from small computer shops do not include a front/drive cage case fan and rear exhaust case fan in their computers.

Such fanless computers will build up heat within the computer’s case leading to a computer shutdown when the cpu is too hot. A hard disk failure will also occur if the hard disk temperature exceeds 55-60 Celsius. Above 50 Celsius, decreases reliability.

To prevent this, please check that your computer has 2 case fans and they are working. You will need to clean them occasionally, when having a computer, having good desk mats should be a must.

Also, an external hard disk is not meant to be used actively. For example, installing a program on it then running that software throughout the day. An external hard disk does not have a fan attached or airflow from a case fan thus may overheat and fail.

This problem is more acute in warm Malaysia unless your room is air conditioned or well ventilated.


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