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Twitter for Businesses – Part 4

Hey folks! This will be my last and final post on the Twitter tutorial series. In this section, we will be taking a look at a couple of important aspects of how to use Twitter for your business more effectively. Some of the things I’ll be discussing with you are: > How to Find People to […]

Twitter For Businesses – Part 3

Hi folks! Like I promised, today I will be going through what are the best tweeting techniques to use for your business and discuss what is retweeting and why it’s important. Tweeting – Get Social! There is an art to using Twitter to its full capabilities. The most important thing to remember is to be social […]

Twitter for Businesses – Part 2

Let’s Setup a Twitter Account For Your Business…For Real! In my previous post, Twitter for Businesses – An Intro, we discussed what is Twitter in general and how it can help your business. This week, I’d like to continue on the same path, and in this article, you will learn the Exact Steps (together with […]

Automating Your Business Revenue Stream

I think the most important question posed by business owners these days is, “is there continued sustainability in my business?” It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, or how much revenue your business generates today. The question is, does your business rely upon new sales every other day? And if yes, how can you ensure […]

Twitter for Businesses – An Intro

Many business owners I’ve spoken to recently have expressed interest in knowing more about Twitter and so I thought, for a change,  I’ll prepare a series of posts on Twitter detailing exactly what is Twitter and how it works and how you can use it in your business to drive more traffic and sales.

ProLine 3.1 Latest Enhancements

Hi folks! Would like to quickly keep you updated on what our software engineers have been upto in the last few weeks and what’s happening to our infamous ProLine software… Nope…they haven’t been sleeping during office hours 🙂 For a start, just to give you some heads-up, programming, no matter how little the enhancements maybe, […]

My Business Trip To Jakarta, Indonesia

Are you planning to visit Jakarta for business or for leisure? Fabulous! Here are some tips on what to expect and how best to overcome some foreseeable situations when doing business in Jakarta from my own personal perspective. If you chose to venture the place with a car, vehicle-related products like those sun shades for […]

Data Security and Protection

Why Data Security And Protection Is Necessary With sales info, accounting records, marketing materials, business contacts and emails all being kept in digital format these days, data protection services have become very important for all corporations, large and small. Furthermore, managed service providers save you time and money in securing your network and business data. […]