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3 Things to Look For Before Buying Business Intelligence Software

Business Intelligence refers to a number of activities a company may undertake to gather information about their market or their competitors. Some areas it includes are competition analysis, market analysis and industry analysis. Making smart use of information gathered to strengthen the business plans is the core objectives. Discussed here are three things you should […]

3 Things You Should Do Before Implementing CRM

CRM, in the parlance of the Software industry refers to Customer Relationship Management. CRM is used to understand customer needs, behaviour to develop a strong relationship with them and ensure that your business gets the most out of their patronage. CRM bring together information about customers, marketing effectiveness, actual sales and current industry or market […]

How can a proper Inventory Systems helps improve profits?

For small and medium sized businesses, a competitive edge only comes about due to the difference in the way they operate that ultimately leads to profitability. Small and medium sized businesses either have to come out with extraordinary products and services, or try to do things faster, more efficient, or more cost effective. Unleashed implementation […]

4 Dirty Internet Marketing Activities You Shouldn’t Do

The Internet, as a medium, is largely unedited. Powered by the ease of self-publishing and the quick methods of publishing such as blogging made available to people at large, it is soon proving to be a large, ground for accumulating digital trash in the form of Information. While most of it will die sooner or […]

3 Ways Proline Can Boost Sales Cycle

No business can sustain itself without a working sales cycle in motion – the more effective this sales process is, the more profitable any business will be. Strangely, most small and even mid-sized businesses don’t seem to be giving the sales cycle the due importance it deserves. Creating an effective sales process is not a […]

Online Collaboration: Why It Makes Perfect Sense For All Businesses

The recessional economy coupled with the ever-present need for businesses to cut-costs so as to boost bottom-lines is bringing about  more solutions to the table than any average business model can handle. Of all the options though, online collaboration stands-out due to evident advantages. Does it make sense for a business to switch to project […]

How to get the Most Out of E-Filing Systems

If you have been involved with any business, at any level whatsoever, piles of data is processed, a never ending stream of paperwork has to be completed and more than one department is usually involved. Could you imagine the chaos a conventional business thrives in? Can it be made any simpler? Of course it can […]

Advantages of Outsourcing Software Development For Small Businesses

Technology renders speed, agility and efficiency to a small business. That’s why you will see that small businesses the world over are clamouring to systemize their business processes so as to achieve speed, efficiency, higher quality services and happy customers. If you’re one of those business owners and you want to increase the productivity and […]