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MDEC SME grant – Why SME should grab this grant? How to apply?

The covid-19 pandemic has thrown many businesses of their feet. Business owners should start directing their company in a digital direction as it benefits the SMEs. The Covid-19 pandemic has frozen economic activity for many SMEs. By digitalising themselves, SMEs are able to alter their business mode. By digitalising themselves, SMEs will reduce costs and […]

Benefits of Digitalization

Digitalisation has been a topic of business owners since the IT became more prominent in the 21st century. Being online is very important these days as it separates you from your competitors. You can learn more on handling your business with the hep from an international staff management software. In a study done by Finances […]

Why it’s time to digitalize your business?

If there’s anything that the pandemic has taught businesses, that it is the time to digitalise. However, the term digital transformation frightens many SME business owners particularly the older ones. A study done by Microsoft showed that, digitalisation has saved them cost by 22% while increasing their revenue gains of up to 26%. No wonder […]

FAOPMA Pest Summit 2020 Virtual Conference

In a matter of days, FOAPMA Pest Summit 2020 will be hosting the conference on 18-19 Nov 2020. The Covid-19 pandemic is the reason many pest control businesses has been threatened. As the pandemic gets more daunting, Datum is ready to help your company through the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s time for pest control operators to […]