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My Internship Experience in Datum

“There no longer has to be a difference between who you are and what you do.” ― Gary Vaynerchuk Before Datum, I was determined to find a suitable company for me to do my internship in. I had been wanting to utilise the skills that I have learned in university to the real world, and had […]

FAOPMA-Pest Summit 2017 Convention and Exhibition

Come visit us at Booth 41 at The Empress Hotel, Chiang Mai, Thailand! We’ll be giving away 20x FREE 5 YEARS SUBSCRIPTIONS to our visitors. Subscriptions will be given away for a limited time during the 3 Days exhibition only, so mark your calendar! betrally Why your business needs M4? Impress your customers, and increase your bottom […]

Mobile Apps for Small Businesses: The Benefits.

‘Mobile App’ had been famously used by big, powerful companies like McDonalds, Uber, Waze, Facebook, or even Amazon. While these companies runs successfully through mobile apps, it is actually about time that small business starts too. According to Scott Shane in his article for Entrepreneur (2016), “Having a web presence alone is no longer sufficient, […]

Why businesses should start implementing automation?

What is AUTOMATION? Ranging from reducing costs, human labour, and time, to increasing revenues and profit using minimal energy and money – these are reasons why businesses should be implementing automation, especially, especially in this era. If you need help to apply this in your business, check with experts like Andy Defrancesco. Businesses should realise the […]

4S System Operations

A System that delivers 4S operations needs: Sales Service Stock Support Now with workflow that support Quality Management Systems as specified by ISO 9000 principles. We would like to enhance your company’s ability to deliver better satisfaction to your customers. سباق خيول Providing IT services tailored just for your business’ industry, our system offers plenty […]

Dynamic Market Business Operations

Business Ain’t A Business, Without Proline Dynamic and challenging market place are no stranger nowadays with the existence of advanced technology that comes with the popularity of social media usage. However, businesses can still be competitive to their rivals so they can produce products that can help or give values to their customers or users […]

Records Are Crucial In Future Decision Making

Getting The Competitive Edge With A Straight Line When you want your business to grow out of the comfort zone, you will have to keep constant records of the performance and perhaps heed the help of other successful owners like Bob Bratt. Because look, keeping records is like keeping a history of your business’ previous […]

Effective Business Operations Running In New Market

Your Operations Smooth Sailing Like a Cruiser Deliver what you promise and bill what you deliver. Deliverable helps to keep track what’s promised. Work Plan helps to deliver on-time, minimizes missed services and eliminate un-billed jobs. Service Forms cater for various needs and to provide an easy and effective way to perform a service while […]