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HR: Utilizing mobile technology to create a better workforce

Finding talented candidates can be a major challenge in the hiring process of any company. According to a research in 2014, nearly 110 billion dollars are spent a year in effort to build competent and productive workforce with a spectrum of desired skills. However, a big portion of these astronomical costs are put into advertising […]

What are the challenges of customer service today?

Providing quality customer service is easier said than done, especially when competing with giants in your industry. If are planning to raise the bar high for your customer service, here are few challenges that you should be prepared for.   Too many redundant customer issues About 80 percent of the calls that customer service representatives […]

How to infuse empathy in customer service

Employees in many companies struggle to empathize with customers because they don’t possess a similar experience of which they can relate to. For instance, an accountant probably does her own taxes, thus she may not understand the confusion or problem her clients face when as they try to fill out tax forms. On the other […]

5 Ways to Collect Valuable Feedback from Customers

Your customer feedback is extremely valuable. According to statistics, for every 1 customer that complains, 20 or more remain silent when things go wrong. Yet, many business remain distant from the direct experience and input of these few customers that bother to blew the whistle. Fortunately, there are several methods to collect decent amount of […]

Central Stress Point vs. Team effort: How to Achieve Sustainable Operations

Teams represent the basic structure of how operations such as sales and customer service are organized and managed in companies. Despite the proven power of team effort in sustaining operations and increasing productivity, many organizations fail to stick to it and, instead, create a ‘stress point’ where individuals’ work drive the company’s revenue. طريقة لعب […]

How to Increase Revenue via Customer Service

Customer service is generally perceived a burden than a mean to make money. Most businesses dedicate as little time and resource as possible to attend complaints and solve the problems faced by customers. But, in reality customer service is no less essential to any business than creating products and selling them. With the right mindset, […]

Instant Communication: A Recipe for Better Customer Service

The rise of business voip systems marks a significant milestone in business communications. The are also other hardware and software products that can help improve communications within and outside businesses. The announcement of the Beta version of the HotLines App marks a milestone in our quest to infuse better communication in customer service. After all, […]

5 Tips to Craft a Successful Landing Page

A landing page determines the first impression the customer will have of your company, product or service. Just like any other first impression, you will want it to be a positive one, whether it’s for getting people to buy your products or for establishing a presence in your industry. Having a landing page attached to […]

6 Pitfalls to Avoid When Promoting a Website on Google

Focusing on keywords alone and blindly imitating competition is not a good start for building a website that ranks well in Google. A successful website is rather a result of following good SEO guidelines by Web Chimpy and, most importantly, avoiding common mistakes and pitfalls that costs you time and money. There are also talented […]