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Data Lost: I Just Lost My Entire Database, Help?!

On a one fine morning a few days back, we had a call from one of our customers saying that they are unable to access the ProLine database after updating ProLine to the latest version. In two words – data lost. The system uses Microsoft SQL Server to store its database. After a panicky phone conversation, we […]

Vendors can make a difference in improving security.

Image courtesy of phanlop88 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net This is my interpretation of an article by Roger A. Grimes on “5 ways computer security has truly advanced” 1. Security defaults The selection defaults should be set to the safest choice to avoid accidental confirmation of a potentially earth-shattering situation – check the website for details. For example: “Permanently […]

Is your private data secure enough with your security solutions?

Last week, the online support forum of a popular antivirus company AVAST Software was hacked as announced by the company’s CEO and about 400,000 users’ login names, passwords, e-mails were compromised : https://blog.avast.com/2014/05/26/avast-forum-offline-due-to-attack/ Now, AVAST is labeled as a “security vendor” and I believe the general impression of the public that as a company that […]

Securing Emails and Websites

Have you ever thought that there is someone spying on your  emails and access to websites? Do you know that normal email messages are stored and delivered through the Internet by email servers in plain readable words? These email messages can be viewed directly by anyone who owns the mail server, or read by administrators […]