Manage Your Broking Operations With Less Time & Paperwork

ClearBroker is a post-placement broking solution with Claims, Reinsurance and GST modules

Designed to ease the work of brokers by automating redundant tasks and reducing human error. ClearBroker is a Windows client-server solution based on Microsoft SQL Server database.

Optimized for Direct & RI Broking

Broking systems are complicated and hard to master.

ClearBroker was designed to overcome that limitation via streamlined workflow and simple interface.


  • Customizable Solution

  • Easy to Learn and Use

  • Quick Issuance of Debit Notes & Invoices

  • Comprehensive Support Options

  • and much more...

For Broking


Risk Notes

Attach Broking Slips to Quotations and Risk Notes

Motor and Non-motor formats

Producers Performance Reports

For Operations

CAB / Non-CAB Processing

Claims Tracking

Cash Calls

Policy Tracking


For Accounting

Back-to-back Receivables to Payables

Brokerage Recovery (Direct Payments)

Budget / Forecast Planning

Expenses Management

GL Journals

Balance Sheet

Income Statement (Profit & Loss)

ClearBroker Highlights

Granular Security

  • Detailed access rights based on user roles
  • Provides overriding features to higher level personnel such as confirmation of draft, re-print of debit / credit notes and more

Multiple Bank Account (Trust Accounting)

  • Supports bank accounts for collection and expenses purposes
  • Quick bank account transfer – Includes a step by step wizard to easily transfer brokerage commission from collection to expense bank account

Productive Accounting

Automated posting – Allows unattended posting of transactions to improve real-time depiction of transactions and minimise errors of human entries.

Supports flexible accounting, without sacrificing integrity, with transactions that include:

  • Integrated with ProLine for GST and full-set accounting
  • Partial payments and direct payments for brokerage recovery
  • Multiple transaction write-offs with single payment
  • Single-click cancellations
  • Reconciliation for banks and creditors

Printing control and routing

  • Allows printing of documents to be routed to different printer
  • Provides full access control over re-printing of confidential or important documents
  • PDF generation for email and archiving

Multi-currency support

  • Provides accurate conversion of foreign currencies to capture the exact representation of transactions
  • Currency-aware reports to ensure accurate reporting

Easy Creation of Final Reports

  • Allows creation of multiple final reports including balance sheet and income statement (P&L) reports for better insights of financial aspects of the business
  • Include generation of Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) and Labuan Offshore (LOFSA) reports

ClearBroker is a proven system, developed and improved since year 2001

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