There are few contacts especially customer contacts will have multiple contact person and service address.

Key in new Contact with multiple servicing/billing address at:


1.Select Edit Contact, add the contact.

2. Select Ellipsis Button [..] to add another contact person or billing address

3. Then the Address box will pop out for you to key in the details. Key in the details of Person in charge inside the Address box then click OK.

Proposal / Orders

1.  Select Billing Address / Service Address to change the address and contact person.

2. Select drop down button to check available existing contacts.

If not available or the contact need to be edit

  • Just to edit the contact person details select Edit Address
  • To add new contact, select New sub-Contact


3. After click OK, recheck the Billing Address/Service Address.

Then, save the Proposal/Order by clicking ‘Ctrl+S‘ or go to Operations – Save.


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