A complete picture of a Sales Order

Similar to an Invoice, a Service Form can be an independent document or as part of a Sales Order compilation.

A Service Form can be created via an Order Set or from Service Form page in the Master View.

To Create Service Form from Order Set:

1 . Go to the Order page in Master View and open the selected Order for issuing the Service Form.


2 . Make sure an Order Set is selected and Schedule menu is displayed.


3 . Click on the Attach Service Form option in the Schedule menu.


4 . Proceed to the steps in Entering Service Form Information.


To Create Service Form from Master View:

1 . Go to the Service Form page in Master View and click on New button or Ctrl+N for new Service Form.


2 . This will open a new service form for data entry.


3 . Proceed to the steps in Entering Service Form information.


Entering Service Form Information

1 . Select the desired Customer account from the Lookup.


2 . To change the Org Group, click the button beside “File under”, otherwise leave as it is.


3 . Enter the service form details such as “Handler”, “Nature Of Service”, “Date & Time Start” and “Instructions” where it is applicable.
If the Service Form is created  from Order Set, most of the information is already pre-filled based from information in the Schedule.


4 . If the Service Form involves stock movement such as Delivery Order, please choose Delivery Order from the Stock Note pulldown.


5 . Select “Bill Items” or use the “>” button on the top right to proceed to the next page.


Filling in the Billing Info

1 . Click on the empty “Code” box and select an item using the lookup button.


2 . Fill in the price and quantity, the amount will then be calculated automatically.
You must not leave the 1st line blank in order to complete this service form.


3 . To use the barcode scanning feature instead, use the Ctrl+B keys or click on the “View” -> “Bar Code Scanning” menu.


4 . Fill in additional descriptions of the current product item using the next blank row or lines at the bottom and by leaving the “Code” box empty.


5 . All the items in the “Bill Items” are reflected in the “Stock” section on the next page.


Filling in the Servicing Info

  1. Click on the desired Target tabs.
  2. Enter the servicing details such as “Tags”, “Area”, “Status” and “Remarks” where it is applicable.
  3. You can also enter any Tracking Item details below the Servicing Info.
  4. Select the desired Tracking Item and enter the current amount and date info.

Saving & Printing

  • To save, press Ctrl+S keys or click on the Save option in the Operations menu. A new Service Form number will be generated during the saving process.
  • To print, press Ctrl+P keys or click on the Print option in the Operations menu and select Invoice.
You can print the document directly without saving. This will save and print at the same time, saving time. If there are other layouts for printing such as Delivery Order, you can click on Print menu and select Delivery Order to print.


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