In order to complete the schedule you must create a Service Form.

There are 2 ways to create a Service Form – Standalone or From Order Set.

To Create Service Form from Order Set:

Attaching Service Form

Click the Schedule on the top menu and select Attach Service Form.

The system will check for any available Service Form related to the customer and show:

(a) No Service Form found.

Message Box to confirm create new Service Form

Click ‘YES’ to proceed create new.

Message Box to confirm Overwrite of the Schedule

Select ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ according to your desired process.

Step 1.

Service Form Header Page

Fill in the required information as refer below:

  1. Account / Customer – The Customer Info will auto loaded according to your selection from the list.
  2. Team – You can select  1 or more technician desired for the service form.

    Service Team Page
  3. Service Instruction / Request – You must specify the instruction for technician to do their work.
  4. Service Form No – You must enter the number according to your Manual SR.
    Note: You can also enable the Auto-Document Numbering from the Setup Menu.
  5. Nature Of Service & Work Type – Select the desired type before proceed.
  6. Service Start & Finish Date – Key-in the desired Start Date & Time.
    Note: You must key-in the Finish Date & Time according to your actual completion.

Click [>] to proceed to the next page.

Step 2.

Service Form Servicing Page

Fill in the information as refer below:

  1. Tag – This column refers to a specific Target Item. Example: Serial No. for each Service Item used in the job.
  2. Area – This column refers to where the Target is located.
  3. Status – This column refers to the status of work done for the target.
  4. Action – This column refers to what action is done for the specified target.
  5. Remarks – This column is where any further description or details regarding the job.
  6. Meter / Qty – This columns identify the number of target needed to be done.

Click [>] to continue.

Step 3.

Service Form Billing Page

Fill in the description needed to identify the billing section.

You must insert a simple info and a quantity in order to complete the service form.

Operation Menu

Click the Operation Menu and select SAVE to complete the form.

(b) Existing Service Form found.

List of Existed Service Form

Select the desired Service Form to be used for the schedule.

Note: Refer back to Step 1, Step 2 & Step 3 in Section (a) to complete the same process.

The system will then check if the Service Form is POSTED or not.

Message Box to confirm Post Service Form

If you choose YES to POST now the system will reopen back the saved Service Form again for you to POST.
Click the Operation Menu and select POST to proceed.

Note: You can’t complete the Schedule if the Service Form attached is NOT yet POSTED.

Schedule Initial Page

The system will auto pickup all the information from the saved Service Form.

Schedule Completion Page

Click the Flip Page to change the Schedule STATUS to DONE.

Click the Operation menu to SAVE and complete the process.

Schedule & Service Completed

You will see the changes in Order once the Service Form & Schedule is completed.


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