Proposal or Order pricing issue: Untick Auto Order Pricing

There is scenario when although you tried to change the order price but it change to other amount.

The issue occur because Auto Order Pricing is enabled.

Make sure Auto Order Pricing is untick.

How to change Technician at Scheduler

At Scheduler, you can change technician to jobs by date range.

Follow the steps below on how to change technician at Scheduler:

1. At Scheduler, go to Operations, select Change Technician.

This change technician interface will pop out.

2. At ‘Change’, select drop down list.

3. Select UNASSIGNED (or particular technician).

4. At ‘To’ select the drop down list.

5. Select the particular technician.

6. Select ‘For jobs within’.

Select the date range.

Then, select Change.

*If you select ‘For ALL due jobs’ all the due jobs from technician A will go to technician B.

This function is used for retired / resign technician.


7. Click Yes for this pop out message.

8. Click OK.



How to add Targets

  1. Click ‘Admin’ button on the upper-left menu and choose ‘Deliverables’ item and choose ‘Targets’ items.


2. Then the ‘Targets’ window will popup, on this window click ‘Add’ and add new target.


3. After that click ‘Save’ button.

How to check Services and Bills status of Order

At Orders section you can check the services and bills status of a order in one glance.


  1. At Services Tab, c/b/a and abc stand for:
    • a – number of service that should have in the order
    • b – number of service that already been scheduled
    • c – number of service that already done
  2. At Billing Tab, c/b/a and abc stand for:
    • a – number of invoice that should have in the order
    • b – number of invoice that already been issued
    • c – number of invoice that already paid

How to add Township using State

In Proline, you can do the Route Filter for assign Job at Calendar.

To do the Route Filter, you need to set the Route at State.


  1. First, go to Admin – General and select States.


  1. Click Add.


  1. Double click the Title field and type the Township / State for the Route purpose
  2. Last but not least, click Save.


How to change User ID


To change User ID

  • Select the User ID, untick Active button (1).
  • Click Save (2).


  • Then click New to create New User (1).
  • You must key in different User ID from the existing (2).
  • For Full Name you still can use the existing name (3).
  • Tick Active Button (4).
  • Tick Show Admin Infor (5)


  • Select the Role of the User (1).
  • Select the Account File (2).
  • Click Save (3).

How to Print Schedule from Calendar

  • Select Calendar



  • Then go to File, Print and select Print Preview


  • Click (1) to directly print or (2) to save as pdf / image













How to print Daily Schedule Listing

There is 2 ways to print daily schedule listing :

1) At Scheduler

  • click Scheduler


  • At the ‘Choose a report’ select Daily Schedule Listing


  • Then Go to Operations, select Print Daily Schedule Listing


  • Key in Date From


  • Key in Date until



2) At Reports


  • Select Operations
  • Select Daily Schedule Listing
  • Key in (1) Listing Date or (2) select Year and Month at Period and tick.
  • Then click (3) Show





  1. Click Print, to print directly the Daily Schedule Listing.
  2. Click save (in pdf etc) to save the Daily Schedule Listing.



How to move line up or down at Deliverables in Proposal and Order

  1. Go to “Order” – “Order Sets”

2. Click “Deliverables”

       3. Click any field at the row required to be shift.

       4. Then, press “Alt” + “Up” to shift the row up, or “Alt” + “Down” to shift the row down.

Example result specified had been shift up

How to change access right to View Own Record for Proposal, Renewal and Order

  1. Go to “Admin”, click “Workflow & Right Setup”.


2. “Workflow Setup” will pop out, click “Access Rights”.

3. Select Category :

  • To change access right for Proposal, select “Proposal”
  • To change access right for Renewal, select “Renewal”
  • To change access right for Orders, select “Sales Order”


4. Tick “View Own Record” box for the specific roles eg. Senior Sales.

5. Untick the “View Any Records” box.


6. Click “Save” at “File” tab.

7. Click close.

8. Then go to “System”, click “Users”.

9. Select the specified User.

10. Tick “Show Admin Info” box.

11. At the “Account File” select the account of the user.

  • eg. user name is “Eric” select Eric account, “Eric – abcd12345”

12. Then click “Save”.

How to change contact in Billing Address and Service Address in Order

  • Go to Orders
  • Click the specific orders which required to change the Billing / Service contact
  • Click Billing Address at General tab to change Billing Contact


  • Click Service Address at Order Sets tab to change Service Contact


  • Then the Billing Address / Servicing Address & Contact will pop out


  • To Edit Address click (1)
  • To add New sub-contact click (2)
  • Then change the Service contact with details as per required


  • Then Click OK


  • Then check the new Billing Address / Servicing Address
  • Last but not least, click Operations and click Save.

Is it feasible to attached PDF service report into the system?

The rationale is to cut down the time in the data entry as we have clients who prefer to have hardcopy service reports rather than MFS, and sometime when we have connection issue, we have to issue hardcopy service report to them.

The file size for the PDF is about 300 to 400 kb per service report (based on greyscale) and we estimated we will need about 150mb per month if we need to attached the service report.

A: Yes. The practice of attaching scanned PDF copy of the physical service reports into ProLine’s e-Filing attachment system, is indeed the recommended way to cut down the data entry time.

Secondly, the staff also can access and view on demand the scanned copy of the actual document quicker in the system compared to searching the physical filed hard copy documents.

ProLine e-Filing usage is encouraged to file other supporting documents such as signed agreements / contracts, supplier invoices, receipts and etc.

What we should do if we required certain data or report but not in Proline?

  • we can customize the report for you

What are the standard reports that comes with ProLine?

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Stock / Inventory
  • Billing (AR)
  • Accounting (AP and GL)

Where should I start reading from this guide?

If you are new to ProLine, read Walkthrough for Beginners and browse articles in Getting Started section.
For system administrators or concepts about what ProLine can do, navigate to System Administration and System Concepts.