Invoice can be cancelled provided that the Invoice has not been cancelled. Cancellation may take place before an Invoice is posted or after posting.

To cancel an Invoice:

  1. Go to Invoice page in Master View and locate the desired Invoice to be cancelled.
  2. Open the Invoice and click Cancel from the Operations menu.
  3. Enter a reason for cancellation into the Status Log and close the window.
  4. This will perform the cancellation process.

Considerations for cancellation:

  • When canceling an unposted Invoice, ProLine will mark the transaction as cancelled without any accounting entry.
  • When canceling a posted Invoice, ProLine will generate the reverse transaction (or Credit Note) to cancel the accounting entries made by the posted Invoice.

Invoice Adjustments

Operations Menu for Posted Invoice

In cases where we need to modify a posted Invoice (to reduce / increase the billing amount or item’s quantity), we can perform adjustments to it.

To perform an adjustment:

  1. Go to Invoice page in Master View and locate the desired posted Invoice to be adjusted.
  2. Open the Invoice and click Create Debit Note or Create Credit Note from the Operations menu. (refer to screenshot)
  3. A new document will be created with the exact details of the posted Invoice. Now, all you need is to change the information in the Bill Items page.
  4. Once completed, Save or Print the adjustment.
  5. Ensure the adjustment is posted to be reflected in the Accounts.
Amount and quantities in adjustments are specified in differences.
E.g. Posted Invoice =  100 and should be changed to 60, then amount in Credit Note = 40.
The 40 is difference between 100 and 60.

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