– Remove GL Code from Item lookup in Bill items
– Allow user to enter the GL Code in the Billing Total
– Add validation to check the double entry balance when save Billing
– Hide all the non-relevant report in Free Version for report group: Orders, Schedule, Stock & Management
– Hide the Filter wording in Report screen
– Hide the Scheduler in Tool Bar for Free Version
– Change the wording from “Add Sundry” to “Add GL” in AR/AP
– Fix the double click to pick up the balance only in AR/AP details
– Fix Copy From did not trigger the Calculate Total problem in Invoices
– Fix the Cash Sales crash after save problem due to document format missing with the series (99999)
– Fix to stop auto calculate commission if % is Zero
– Hide stock note & references for price list listing
– Hide all UI except Attn, OG, Date as Effective From, Narration, Status & bill items only in Price List
– Add allow to choose multi-Account/Attn in template mode (Price List & Billing Template)
– Added Price List filter.
– Added Suppress Address Popup in My Preferences
– Fixed bug on Document Layout save