– Added Remove Contacts and Items prompt during Reset Data
– Added Bank1 and Bank2 into Info File
– Added clickable relation in InfoFile.
– Added Show Template Help in Billing Template
– Added Copy from Access Rights grid
– Added Use Cash Sales for Billing in Order View menu (change text to New Bill from Create Invoice)
– Added Auto Import from Deliverables when Create Invoice / Cash Sales in Order
– Added Show UNPAID in System Settings (hide UNPAID label)
– Added Show columns for Schedule menu in Orders (user can now toggle which columns to display)
– Added “Show UNPAID in Billing” in System Settings
– Added Bank info in CDF and all printouts QR
– Added Organization Groups in Manage Event
– Added Banks and Payment Providers to Admin->Billing menu
– Added Payment page to automate Payment Mode Mapping
– Added Remember Sorting in Grid
– Added Remember Column width in Grid for SGM
– Added Ability to Delete Range
– Removed Certificates in Document Numbering

– Allow Delete Contact in InfoFile->File->Delete Record
– All Quotations, All Orders, All Renewals layout is now part of the Print menu
– Change Holding to Parent Acct in Info File
– Allow Delete only for Admin
– Order Label in System Settings
– Default Service Frequency now works in Deliverables
– To-Do List and Folders now need to have Workflow Queue setup

– Fixed All Contacts numbering
– Fixed Hide Contact Categories and other pulldowns
– Fixed Payment Mode to support Cash Sales feature to Admin->Billing menu
– Fixed Stock Note in MasterView not showing if no Stock Note choosen
– Fixed OGLogo will fallback to ALL logo if not found
– Fixed a performance issue on saving first transaction such as Invoice, Stock Note, etc.
– Fixed memory leak when creating TSTF (Cash Sales, Invoice, Quick Quote, etc)
– Fixed and improved speed on editing deliverables
– Fixed To-Do list showing empty notes and due dates
– Fixed calculation on monthly billing