– Fixed Tech “Busy” status
– Fixed Listing Column Master (causes runtime error in Order Listing)
– Fixed Allow User to edit Schedule that is still in open status (compared to GetDate)
– Fixed Attach Service Form to Schedule
– Fixed popup tip in Daily Schedule (show correct duration)
– Fixed Print Menu for Stock Notes (load correct layouts)
– Fixed view Contact Photo bug
– Fixed Month format only show the 1st number on Document numbering.
– Fixed autonumber, set “Continue number from” in Documents setting

– Added AcctContact to be added into Billing Attn
– Added fields for Daily Job Listing report
– Added Undelete Contact in InfoFile
– Added Schedule QR in Report Setup
– Added Hide in Target (Admin menu)
– To hide Item, move the Item to a Category that is Hidden
– Added Cut Off Hour for Scheduler (useful for showing night jobs)
– Added Document Wordings in Setup
– Add Use Abbreviated Currency Code in System Settings
– Added feature to change Ref No in AR/AP
– Added allow to change UOM for non Stock Note transactions.
– Added Target label in Sys Settings
– Improved no refresh when Info File close without save