– Fix contact list in rsutil to show amf name if aml name is empty
– Improved listing for Contacts (AML take precendence over AMF)
– Fix import/export trade transaction for multi-line in info & info2
– Fix print pda
– Add info, info2 to export trade transaction
– Fix automate NRIC to DOB
– Added import/export for info & info2 column
– Added Package setting in Manage Items
– Add MFS feature
– Fix attach service form crash problem
– Fix doc_order
– Fixed Type Mismatch error during import of Trade Transactions
– Added set email parameters before sending to QR
– Fixed Access Right for non-updatable TSTF when opening in MasterView
– Fix migration as opening balance not pickup problem
– Fixed migration with opening balance option
– Add option to import Opening Balance from Trade Balance
– Add Allow ARAP Editing of Description for Document in Sys Settings
– Changed Item entry from combo to cell lookup in Schedule screen
– Fix ledger details
– Added srno column in doc_tstf
– Fixed issue on runtime error when selecting tag in Servicing tab
– Fix export report feature
– Fix auto sync coa to report structure to eliminate wrongly sync to different report
– Fixed finder for Delivery Order
– Add general journal data source
– Fix closing problem that omited general journal that unused anymore
– Fix to show the price list crash problem
– Enable access right to add/edit contact
– Added Prevent Posting if blank account number in TSTF
– Added GL Balance import/export in Admin menu
– Fix rounding issue for copyclsv
– Fix make_ld to improve the performance
– Fix duplicated posting issue to tstf, tmf & jmf
– Fix autobill
– Fix attached service form to order
– Add api for renewal
– Fix email and status lost after click OK in Info File
– Fix to allow auto insert/remove the newly added/deleted COA to report structure
– Fixed error when selecting item in Service History
– Add save/get dbhugetext to store/load long text
– Fix period of cover wrong when leap year
– Increase size of Existing Stock Note list
– Fix leap year period problem
– Fix the batch delete & batch void feature
– Fix duplicate item after save due to combineTSTD in doc_tstf
– Add the batch delete & void function to batch processing
– Add nett amount after discount
– Fix show qty before item code auto reset qty problem after loading items
– Fix show qty before items code
– Add system setting to allow show qty before amount
– Added OGID to Unpost for TMF/TDF
– Fix auto stock number problem
– Fix cleanup gl not to reset gross gl if no cleanup involved
– Hide hidden OG in Stock Transfer destination
– Fix balance sheet title
– Added Enforce Tag Entry in Sys Settings
– Fix late interest bug
– Fix late interest calculation for those paid invoice after due date
– Fix auto post when modify without save if auto post enabled
– Allow blank User Code in Document Numbering
– Added column selection for Contacts – Grading / Introducer
– Added Max. Lines in Servicing Tab (Sys Settings)
– Fix to auto update address when import contacts to AML,CMF,CLD
– Fixed duplicate tag validation
– Added Only Posted Transactions in Ledger in System Settings – show posted items only
– Fix stock rental feature
– Fix to allow adding duplicate sundry account in ARAP details
– Fix stock report to show stock transfer
– Fixed Servicing Tab – load Tag
– Suppress the PV logic
– Added Combine TSTD when printing (same Item ID with same price)
– Fix import unbilled rental error when there is no record found
– Added detailed description for payment voucher in printing
– Fix to generate the meter reading with minumum charges even though the qty is empty
– Fixed loading of ARAP with changed line description
– Added hide zero amount flag in make_gl
– Added Change Deliver To address option to retrieve from other Contacts
– Fix change wording for tentative next service date
– TSTF Tag selection WIP
– Improved Service History screen
– Fixed Cancellation for ARAP
– Fix not to post to aof if zero amount
– Added Use GL in frmTSTF for default selection in GL
– Fix to show the summary of outstanding advance payment in receipt listing
– Change remarks to Void instead of cancellation.
– Fix make_ld to allow addcond input
– Add datefrom & dateto to make_ld
– Fix to have better performance for auto billing
– Added Service History
– Fix to allow bulk loading & saving price list
– Fix to improve the loading performance for batch billing module
– Fix to allow smjlink with related stock note types
– Add new filed for payment in contract printout
– Added CustCategory and SetState in Service Form listing report.
– Separated Code and Barcode for Item listing
– Add stock rental list in order to show the rental movement in details with running ba
– Added extra hide logic to Order and TSTF
– Minor updates to TSTF Favourites and Extra Fields
– Added Ctrl override when launching ProLine.
– Minor change for Reports on Extra Fields
– Modified GetParams function to cater for new logic (existing logic not affected)
– Added Barcode for localization in Sys Settings
– Fix export glcode problem
– Fix to use rate in tstd & clsv by g2 setting
– Added code to improve stability
– Fix manual receipt auto no generate blank no problem
– Added Marketing Label localization
– Remove the updating Paid column in TDF.SQLPost
– Added date loading for user settings
– Added function to limit line description entered in AR/AP
– Added transition to use LOCALMACHINE registry rather than per-user registry for DB Conn
– Fix price listing auto update to update cld amount as well
– Fix data migration module
– Fix migration
– Added Import Meter Reading from Excel
– Fix soa
– Added default GL Description into TDF.Desc when apply line.
– Move batch process datasource to report

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