E-Filing in ProLine is an optional module and will be available only it is activated. This article explains how you know E-Filing is activated and how to use it.

ProLine E-filing system enables the user to attach relevant files for filing purpose.

Instead of sifting through a number of folders to look for customer files in your “My Documents”, with ProLine E-Filing you can easily attach the relevant files – documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, images & project files.

You may also attach photos and related files for your Contacts in the Contacts Card & photos for your stock items too!

Is E-Filing Activated?

  • Upon login into ProLine, you will notice a message on the status bar (bottom left) that states:
    “Initializing storage for attachments…”
  • And if everything is well, the message will displayed as: “Ready”
  • If the FTPS server is not running or properly configured, you will get the error :
    “Error initializing storage! Attachment disabled”
  • This assumes that the ProLine edition you are using includes the E-Filing feature.

Attachments Everywhere

Once E-Filing is active, you will see an icon of a paperclip with the blue word Attachments.

Click on this word to open the attachment window.

E-Filing (outside link)

Drag-n-Drop Files

Here, you may browse through your computer on the left of the attachment window and then drag-n-drop your files into the e-Filing server section on the top right.

The example above shows there are 4 files stored in the e-Filing server.

E-Filing Window with preview

Any image files can be quickly viewed in the preview window the file list.

Opening & Editing Files

  1. Double click on the file in the list to open the file for viewing and editing.
  2. Saving the opened files will cause ProLine to detect changes and prompt you to re-attach the latest saved version.
  3. Alternative, you can drag files to your Desktop, My Document or any folder that you desired to save a copy to your local PC.


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