Which email is using to sent out email for Service Report inside Service address or Billing Address?

After using MFS, the Service Form will be generated and send a copy to email in Service Address

MFS email is Service Address

Why scheduled from Proline not found in MFS

The reason of this thing happen because there is certain Unicode characters will be reject by the MFS.

The Unicode characters can be produce by copy paste data from Word / Excel / Web to Proline.

Thus, if Proline data is not appeared in MFS, please retype the Unicode characters using direct keyboard / keypad.

The example of Unicode characters : , !

For Reference :


How to attach file in Proline and can be seen in MFS

1. At Order Set click the MFS Attachments


2. Then the attachment can be seen in MFS at Files.


What is the recommended phones & tablets model for MFS?

Phones :

  • Samsung Galaxy Note
  • Asus Zenfone 5 A500CG
  • Asus Zenfone 5 Lite A502CG
  • Samsung Galaxy Note N7000
  • Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9000/N9005
  • Huawei Honor 6


Tablets :

  • Galaxy Tab S2 (8.0, LTE)
  • Asus ZenPad S 8.0 Z580C
  • Asus ZenPad 8.0 Z380KL



What can I do when I am facing MFS issue?

In all the phones / tablets which are using MFS required to install :

  1. AIDA64
  2. SD Insight

Send email to support@datumcorp.com through AIDA64


How to Pretext at MFS Service Form (Report column)


  1. Go to Proline
  2. Click Admin tab
  3. Click Work Plan
  4. Click Action Performed
  5. Click Add
  6. Type the Pretext word
  7. Click Save


How to use in MFS;


  1. At the Report tab.
  2. Click “Add text”
  3. Choose the Pretext
  4. Technicians can key in their details in the Report

How to regenerate the Service Form for MFS

  1. At browser type

http:\\[MFS server]\sfcheck?srno=[Service Form No]  

          This is to see the status of the service form


2. If Result of the Service Form is true then type

http:\\[MFS server]\sfcheck?srno=[Service Form No]&create=true&force=true

          to regenerate the Service Form.

How to amend details in the Service Form after closed job in MFS

  1. In Proline, go to “Servicing” tab.
  2. Click the required Service Form.
  3. Edit the details which required the amendment.
  4. Click “Save”.
  5. Click “Post”.
  6. Click “Refresh” in Proline and MFS to view the amendment.


How to set up MFS auto send to multiple email address?

  1. Insert multiple email address in ProLine, ‘Contact’
  2. Ensure the ‘Email tab’ fill in the multiple emails divided with “;” and no space. Example : aminah@th.com;ali@th.com;razak@th.com
  3. Clients will receive the MFS SR once the technician completed & uploaded the job.

MFS; Where can I view the action taken in Proline?

  • Action taken you can view at “Service Form” – go to” Servicing” tab – take a look column “Action”.

MFS; Where can I view the photo that I have taken on mobile app?

  • The photo you can view at “Service Form” – “Attachment”.

MFS; Can we open multiple location (Time in 2 locations at one time) on mobile app?

  • Yes it can be done
  • Just click the button “exit” at “Job Detail” tab. Then click the refresh button at the “current jobs” tab

MFS; We would also like to check if our tech start a service however due to some reasons , they are not able to proceed with the service. Anyway to stop the service and Indicate as “Missed” or “Premise was Locked”

  • Technician not able to proceed with service – click the “hold” button.
  • For the reason you can add it inside Proline and it will update inside MFS.

MFS; If the area cannot be found on mobile app and I need to add in new area. How do I add?

  • You can add it inside Proline and it will update inside MFS

MFS; Are we able to choose multiple chemical?

Yes you able to choose multiple chemical; it can be done by add Service

  • Rats – chemical1
  • Rats – chemical2
    • Add one by one

MFS; For Area, how do we add on the area?

There is drop down list at Area column for you to choose.