Personality Defines Us

The driving forces of leadership.


Management Team

Davis Tan

Founder and CEO

Fion Leong

Marketing Manager

Bernard Lim

Management Consultant


Head of Customer Success Management Team 

Shikin Ariff

Finance/Admin Executive


IT Support Engineer 

Datum Brand Personality


Respond swiftly to adapt to customer and market changes.
  • Being agile requires Datumians to be truly committed, to have a sense of ownership in their work and able to make decisions.
  • To welcome feedback which allows Datumians to adapt to the changing needs of customers and delivers our promise.


Be humble that derived from the philosophy of WATER = H20 or H + H + O
  • Humility: Being humble is what life exists for us. 
  • Harmony: To be in harmony with the environment. Just like the water flowing towards the rocks, it will just flow around it.
  • Openness: To be open to change and remain malleble. We live in a world that is constantly changing that impacts the business environment. 


  • Experience life by meaningful connections. Show others that we care and help make the world a better place.
  • Support the team and customers by giving attention and considerations based on individual needs.

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