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Connect departments and bring databases together as one source
everywhere in your organization.


Streamline your processes for ideal performance.

We design, build, and deliver software products. 

M4 Business System

M4 is an integrated system with mobile apps and cloud access providing efficient operations from sales to marketing.

It’s designed to optimize the performance of your team and provide real-time business insights on sales, operation, inventory, financial and more.

App Development Services

Have a new idea on growing your business?
Chances are, you will need Apps to grow smoothly.

With our M4 as a low-code platform, your project risks are reduced and upfront development costs are lowered significantly

Industry Expertise

  • Pest Management Services 
  • Hygiene & Cleaning 
  • Aircond and Elevator 
  • Medical Supplies Services 




Client Testimonials

We have set a new standard of technology, for these companies

Why is Datum ClearMind your preferred choice

Our customers choose Datum for a simple reason because they trusted and relied on us as a service provider that delivers our brand promise.

Unshakeable Value

  • In house designed cloud business application platform.
  • Easy to navigate with great flexibility and functionality.
  • That fits your business needs with significant savings to your time and resources.

Unshakeable Privacy

  • Best of breed practices to provide strongest protection while ensuring user acessibility. 
  • Firewalls and active blocking to suppress attacks effectively. 

Unshakeable Scalability

  • Carefully orchestrated micro-services that can be added / removed based on capacity.
  • With efficiency to maximise five, ten or even hundreds of servers all together.

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