WEBINAR 2023 #2



Leveraging Entomology Expertise in Pest Management

31 October 2023, Tuesday 10am to 3pm (MYT)

The Program

Our basic entomology webinar equips you with fundamental knowledge in entomology, focusing on precise pest identification. It guides participants through the process of identifying insect pests, enabling effective control measures. Attendees will gain insights into pest management and strategies for treatment. They’ll also develop the ability to create professional reports, showcasing accurate insect identification. Plus, we’ll highlight how mobile integration in digital reporting enhances the quality of professional IPM reports. Join us to bolster your entomological expertise.

ENTOwebinar is an event organised by Pestology and the official industry collaborator with Universiti Sains Malaysia.

Pestology is a platform to connect entomologists, biologists, and pest management professionals from the Asian region to share and upgrade each other’s knowledge to promote better effectiveness in IPM.

Asian Pest Management Association (APMA) was registered in Singapore with the main objective is to ensuring the reachability of member companies to knowledge at affordability and complementary to other existing knowledge resources for protecting the environment, people, and structures from pest-related health threats.

Why is identification important in pest management?

Precise pest identification is a cornerstone of effective pest management. It ensures that the right strategies are employed for each specific pest species, preventing ineffective or unnecessary treatments. Proper identification allows professionals to target the root of the issue, rather than just addressing surface symptoms. This is essential because different pests can cause similar types of damage, and treating them interchangeably may lead to suboptimal results. In essence, identification is the key to tailored, efficient, and successful pest control.

Goals & Objectives

  1. Our Goal: This webinar aims to foster an enjoyable and engaging learning experience in the field of basic entomology.
  2. Primary Objective: We are committed to training and arming pest management professionals with a fundamental insect identification guide. This guide is a pivotal initial stride toward enhancing professionalism within the industry.
  3. Empowering Participants: Attendees will acquire essential knowledge of a basic insect identification guide. This knowledge will not only initiate them into the world of professionalism but also enable them to effectively utilize entomological tools for the preparation of professional IPM Reports.


Assoc Prof Ts Dr Abdul Hafiz Ab Majid

Dr. Hafiz is a Universiti Sains Malaysia academic expert in Household and Structural Urban Entomology. He is a Certified Entomologist (Urban & Industrial Entomology) by the Entomology Society of America and his expertise in biological entomology is highly valued in the pest control industry. He has nearly 19 years of entomology research experience, has published 90 scientific publications, and owned a patent for the Anti-Termite Composition and Assay Kit. He received the “Japan Intellectual Property Association (JIPA)” Special Award for Bio-BacChi Termite at the Malaysia Technology Expo (MTE) 2020, as well as the Gold Medal Award and Best Green Invention Award at the Invention, Innovation, and Technology Exhibition 2021 with Basilya Antverse. A Certified Entomologist by the Entomology Society of America and his expertise in biological entomology is highly valued in the pest control industry.

Topic: Basics of Entomology for PMPs (Pest Management Professionals)

Assoc Prof Dr Suhaila Ab Hamid

Dr. Suhaila is a Universiti Sains Malaysia academic expert with a Ph.D. in Applied Entomology. She also holds an M.Sc. in Applied Parasitology, and a B.Appl.Sc. (hons.) in Parasitology. Her research expertise lies in the biology, ecology, and taxonomy of aquatic insects, specifically orders Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera, and Trichoptera (EPT). She is a prominent figure in biomonitoring macroinvertebrates and is known for her contributions to freshwater ecology. Dr. Suhaila’s work sheds light on the environmental health of riverine systems and their vital role in our ecosystems, making her a respected authority in the field.

Topic: Fundamentals of Insect Identification

Davis Tan

Davis Tan, the Founder and CEO of Datum ClearMind Sdn Bhd, is a visionary leader with a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from Australia and a remarkable 25-year journey in the IT realm. His expertise encompasses the development of cutting-edge systems and strategic consultancy, with a strong focus on optimizing business processes in pest control, medical supplies, property management, and the financial sector across Asian countries. Davis is on a mission to enhance the quality of life for working individuals through technology, forging a path towards a future where technology empowers us all to live better. His dedication to innovation positions Datum ClearMind as a driving force in reshaping service industries and fostering positive change.

Topic: Digital Reporting for IPM


Ridzuan Ismail

Ridzuan Ismail is a partner at Pestology and serves as the Director of Ento Works. With a distinguished career spanning 31 years, he is a seasoned entomologist in the household pesticide industry. For several years, he served on the Executive Council of the Malaysian Croplife & Public Health Association and represented Malaysia in the International WHOPES (WHO Pesticides Evaluation Scheme). His technical forte is leading organisations in initiatives for GLP and MS ISO17025. Currently, he is attached to several companies as a Technical Consultant.

The Moderator & Panel Chairperson

Assoc Prof Ts Dr Abdul Hafiz Ab Majid

  Associate Professor at Universiti Sains Malaysia

Assoc Prof Dr Suhaila Ab Hamid

  Associate Professor at Universiti Sains Malaysia

Davis Tan

  CEO of Datum Clearmind & Partner of Pestology Inc.

Ujjwal Kumar

  Business Head of UPL Limited



Basics of Entomology for PMPs
(Pest Management Professionals)

Proficiency in entomology is a cornerstone for Pest Management Professionals (PMPs) striving for excellence in insect control. This entails a comprehensive grasp of insect classification, taxonomy, biology, behavior, and ecology. Armed with this knowledge, PMPs can implement more precise and effective pest control strategies. This subject is indispensable for PMPs aiming to elevate their expertise in pest management.

Fundamentals of Insect

In today’s world of pest control, the ability to accurately identify insects stands as a crucial skill for professional Pest Management Professionals (PMPs). By mastering the art of insect identification, Pest Management Professionals (PMPs) gain the upper hand. It’s like having a well-organized library, where each book is categorized meticulously. In the insect world, this categorization is called taxonomy. PMPs use it to precisely identify and understand the pests they encounter, enabling them to implement effective control strategies with pinpoint accuracy.

Digital Reporting
for IPM

Effective reporting plays a pivotal role in the success of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) services and enhancing customer satisfaction, as it serves as the cornerstone for acquiring, utilizing, and disseminating essential information within the context of IPM practices. From the initial site survey to routine treatments and monitoring, we cover the aspects of how digital reporting helps in recording, retrieval, and transmission to customers and service teams. With the data captured throughout the servicing period, an IPM report will be generated with minimal effort but a professional report with trending, actions taken, and recommendations.


This webinar on basic entomology has been designed for managers, executives, trainers, instructors, team leaders, supervisors in the pest management industry, and Food Manufacturers who wish to know information on the life cycle of the pest, what stages of the pest are susceptible to control actions, and what tactics are most effective in controlling the pest.


10.00 am – 10.10 amIntroduction of Pestology & ENTOwebinar
Official industry collaborator with Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)
10.10 am – 10.15 amOpening Speech by
Khun Su-Chart Lee, President, APMA
10.15 am – 11.15 amBasic of entomology for PMPs
Assoc Prof Ts Dr Abdul Hafiz Ab Majid
Associate Professor at Universiti Sains Malaysia
11.15 am – 12.00 pm Fundamentals of Insect Identification
Assoc Prof Dr Suhaila Ab Hamid
Associate Professor at Universiti Sains Malaysia
12.00 pm – 12.45 pmDigital Reporting for IPM
Mr. Davis Tan
CEO of Datum Clearmind & Partner of Pestology Inc.
12.45 pm – 1.30 pmLunch Break
1.30 pm – 1.50 pmSteps towards sustainable Vector Management Solutions
Mr. Ujjwal Kumar
Business Head of UPL Limited
1.50 pm – 2.45 pmPanel discussion and Q&A session
Mr. Ridzuan Ismail & The Panelist
Director of Ento Works & Partner of Pestology Inc.
2.45 pm – 3.00 pmClosing Ceremony
3.00 pm – 4.00 pmOnline Assessment
For registered delegates only*

*For delegates who have registered for the online assessment (passing mark 25/30),
will earn a certificate endorsed by Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM).




University Sains Malaysia

Entoworks Sdn Bhd


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